The main objective of LINX Academy is to provide training, awareness and competence improvement regarding advanced neutron & x-ray technology based on the industry’s needs and requirements in order to embrace the technical know-how and usability of the methods.

LINX Academy can host:
– Classroom training with tailored syllabus
– Computer Based Training for advanced neutron & x-ray technologies and/or methods
– Hands-on training at universities and big-scale facilities
– Insourcing of industry resources to the LINX organisation across projects and universities
– Workshops on bespoke and prioritised subjects
– Shared or pooled Ph.D. students
– LINX will be the platform and meeting place between academia and industry, facilitating innovative training and education solutions.

The aim is to prepare and improve the personal and organisational ability to gain maximum advantage and value out of the neutron and x-ray technologies in relation to the industrial products.

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